Terms of service

The company IPKISS (“IPKISS”) has developed an application which enables game players to match with one another (“The Application Star Quiz”) in a face of quiz game.

By downloading or using The Application Star Quiz on a mobile device or computer, you are agreeing to the current terms of service (“Terms of Service”). Any and all changes made to the Terms of Service must be agreed to in order to continue using the services of The Application Star Quiz.

The current Terms of Service are intended to explain the use and terms of The Application Star Quiz. Please read them carefully.


The Application Star Quiz is a service that matches players “1 versus 1” (the term 1 versus 1 used as such describes an encounter between an individual (“User”) and another in a virtual environment generated by The Application Star Quiz)

IPKISS reminds its users that using audiovisual devices for lengthy periods of time is strongly discouraged.

IPKISS reminds its users that the risks related to a prolonged exposure to an audio visual device by persons with neurological or cerebral disorders are greatly increased.


1) Creating an account

In order to use The Application Star Quiz, the User must create an account on The Application Star Quiz (“Account”). The User must fill in the required information. The User must supply IPKISS with complete, precise and exact data and if any of this data should ever be modified, the User must immediately update it. This information is necessary to be able to use the services offered by IPKISS.

IPKISS reserves the right to ask for any supporting documents that are deemed necessary and appropriate to verify the information supplied by the User.

The User may only hold one Account on The Application Star Quiz. IPKISS may delete any duplicate Accounts created by the same User or those associated with the same person (see section “Account Suspension and Deletion”).

2) Username and Password

For the User to create an Account on The Application Star Quiz, he/she must choose a username that has not already been claimed by another User, as well as a password.

The username or “ID” of the User must not be obscene, threatening, racist, offensive, derogatory, defamatory or otherwise in violation of the current Terms of Service, nor should it contain any intellectual property or any other third party rights.

The confidentiality and security of the User’s password is maintained by the User. The User is thus the sole entity responsible for possible future damages due to the access of an Account by a third party through his/her username and password. The use of a username and password is determined entirely by the User, who relieves IPKISS of all responsibility related to the use of such information by itself or a third party.

The User’s Account is strictly personal. Furthermore, the User is forbidden from loaning his/her Account to any and all third-parties, or to let any third party use his/her account in any which way.

3) Account Suspension and Deletion

(i) Suspension: IPKISS reserves the right to suspend the Account of a User whenever deemed necessary without warning and for an indefinite period of time and without compensation if the current Terms of Service are violated by the User.

(ii) Deletion: A User’s Account can be deleted at any time, without warning and for an indefinite period of time. This can occur in the following instances:

  • A user intentionally deleting his/her account
  • IPKISS intentionally deleting an account that violates the Terms and Conditions


IPKISS cannot guarantee that The Application Star Quiz will not have any bugs or errors, nor can it guarantee that The Application Star Quiz will work continuously and without failure. IPKISS also cannot assure that it will work adequately when used in a certain manner, be compatible with a certain device or a specific configuration.


It is possible that one of the Users of a “1 versus 1” match, disconnects in the middle of a game – whether by accident or intentionally.

In the case of any type of disconnection before the end of a “1 versus 1” match, the winner will be the user that is still connected through the 90 seconds.


The User of The Application Star Quiz is free to close his/her Account and any time and at no cost. In the case that the User violates the Terms of Service, IPKISS can decide to close the Account of the User.


IPKISS can be held liable pursuant to the applicable laws in the event of wilful misconduct and serious error on its behalf. All other liability of IPKISS is exempt. IPKISS can not be held liable for financial harm, indirect economic losses or damages, such as a loss of profit, data and the costs linked to the recovery of such data or programs.

The User is entirely responsible for his/her login data on The Application Star Quiz and anywhere else they are stored. (Paper documents, computer, cellular device and anywhere else the data can be read or identified).


The processing of personal User data by IPKISS is governed by IPKISS’s privacy policy (“Privacy Policy“) . By using The Application Star Quiz and by creating an Account, the User thereby agrees to the processing of his/her personal data by IPKISS in accordance with French law and the provisions outlined in the Privacy Policy.


By using The application Star Quiz, the User agrees to the following:

  1. To not use The Application Star Quiz for professional, commercial means or lucrative means.
  2. To not give IPKISS (especially when creating or updating an Account) or other Users any false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent information.
  3. To not make any remarks, publish any content or behave in a way that could be considered defamatory, offensive, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, abusive, aggressive, inappropriate, violent, menacing, harassing, racist, xenophobic or sexual in any manner. Nor to incite hate, violence, discrimination, promote the use of illegal substances or more broadly speaking, any behavior in violation of the objectives of The Application Star Quiz that may infringe on IPKISS’s rights or those of a third party or contrary to good morals.
  4. To not violate rights and image of IPKISS, notably in regard to its intellectual property.
  5. To not create more than one Account on The Application Star Quiz and to not create an Account which impersonates a third party.
  6. To comply with the current Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


IPKISS owns the rights to the intellectual property relative to The Application Star Quiz. Its icon, all images and logos displayed in the Application Star Quiz belong exclusively to IPKISS.

The User shall not in any case copy, display, modify, convey, publish, adapt, on any medium, by any means, or exploit in any way, all or parts of The Application Star Quiz.


IPKISS reserves the right to change or update all or parts of the current Terms of Service at any time.


This agreement is governed by French law.

All litigation related to the interpretation or enforcement of the Terms of Service will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the of courts under the jurisdiction of the Appellate Court of Paris.


The Terms of Service comprise the entirety of the agreement between the User and IPKISS,

The Application Star Quiz is operated by and owned exclusively by the SAS IPKISS located at 6 rue Claude Farrère 75016, Paris, n° SIRET : 82052883400022.

The Terms of Service was originally written in French and has been translated into English.

No provisions of the Terms of Service shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an association, cooperative agreement or a legal or de facto company, between IPKISS and the User. Moreover, the User, regardless of the situation or reasoning can never be considered an agent or employee of IPKISS.

If one or more of the provisions of the Terms of Service should be rendered nullified, determined non applicable or unenforceable, all other provisions shall nevertheless remain applicable.

If you have any questions concerning the Terms of Service or to submit a claim please contact us: contact@beatme.io

Last updated on: 25/10/2018