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What is BeatMe?

BeatMe is the mobile esports application where gamers can be rewarded for their victories after a 1vs1match on console or PC.

How can i contact BeatMe ?

Via our facebook page by clicking right here: 

Do I have to pay to use BeatMe?

You do not have to pay to download BeatMe or to create an account, these services are entirely FREE and do not require you to register your debit card.
BeatMe allows you to become a part of the community and to challenge other players priviately or via matchmaking. These two functions are also provided FREE of charge.

If you decide to reward an opponent, we charge a 0.50€ service fee upon completion of the payment.
This 0.50€ fee is included in the reward given to your opponent as to make the process easier for you.

What do i need to use BeatMe?

To use BeatMe you will need:

  • A smartphone with: Androïd, Google Play or iOS
  • The following video game consoles or a PC: PS3, PS4 or Xbox One
  • A good internet connection
  • One or more of the games compatible with BeatMe (see the list of games available on BeatMe)
  • A BeatMe account
  • Be 18 years or older
  • A credit or debit card to reward opponents
  • A bank account to withdraw your winnings
Why can’t I enter Matchmaking?

We open matchmaking during peak gaming hours. The more people there are in the application, the easier it is for users to find opponents. Our main goal is for users to find an opponent as quickly as possible which is why we don’t leave the matchmaking open all day.

Just try and find another FIFA player on PC at 5 a.m!

If you find that it’s taking too long to find an opponent, you can always invite a friend to play.

How does Fairplay work?

Each new user starts at a Fairplay of 50%.

Fairplay is calculated by a number of factors:

  • Your reward rate (the number of times that you reward an opponent after a loss or give a tip after a win or a tie).
  • Your in-game behavior (based on the comments of your opponents)
  • Your behavoir as a member of the community (are you a cool person?)

The exact calculation that gives us your Fairplay level is a secret.

Our objective is to motivate each player to be super Fairplay by reaching 100%.
Your Fairplay level allows you to match with players of a similar Fairplay in matchmaking.

If your Fairplay level is 33%, you will match with players of a similar Fairplay. (Not cool!)
If your Fairplay level is 92%, you will match with players of a similar Fairplay. (Way cool!)

Adding new games to BeatMe

Adding 1v1 games with large fanbases is our top priority. The main reason for this is that we don’t want our players to wait too long in matchmaking before finding an opponent.

Once there are enough demand for a game, we’ll add it to the mobile and web applications.

Feel free to ask for new games directly in the app !


My opponent entered the wrong score

Don’t fret, we’ve planned for this. All you have to do is send us a picture of the results. To do this, make sure that the picture you send us contains the following information:

  • the final score / result
  • both your username and that of your opponent

For certain games, it’s only possible to take a picture (or screenshot) at the end of the game and not after you’ve left (i.e. Hearthstone). So it’s always a good idea to get in the habit of doing so after each match, just to be sure.
For other games, it’s possible to view the results of a match (via the match history) after having returned to the lobby.

Our referee will review and resolve the matter within 3 days time. Players who enter an incorrect score will receive a yellow card. After 3 yellow cards, the player will receive a red card and will be immediately banned from BeatMe.

Match History

You can find your previous matches in full detail in the Match History tab. Matches will appear differently depending on the outcome:

  • Green: matches you’ve won or tied
  • Red: matches you’ve lost and rewarded
  • Black: matches you’ve lost and have not yet rewarded (you can still reward your opponent by clicking on the REWARD button)

You can find the following details about your match as well: date, time and reward amount.

Lastly, you can also add your opponent to your friends list on BeatMe by clicking on the button displayed next to his/her BeatMe ID.

Why should I reward?

Let’s remember that you are not required to reward another user. There is no betting on BeatMe and it also avoids a whole bunch of problems.
By rewarding a player, you raise your Fairplay rating and can thus find players with similar Fairplay in matchmaking.

If you reward your opponent, you will continue to play against players with a good Fairplay level, and if you don’t you’ll join the ranks of those with a lower Fairplay.

I wasn’t rewarded when I won

This can happen because users are not not required to reward their opponents, there is no betting involved whatsoever.

After all, don’t forget that if your opponent doesn’t reward you, they will lose fairplay and will only play against players that have a similar fairplay (players that reward rarely or not at all).

Also, don’t forget that your opponent can reward you later on from his/her match history. Many players use this option especially when they are short on funds.
In the end, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get a reward after every game 🙂


Invite a friend

To play against friends on BeatMe, you have to add them to your friends list on the application.
There are two ways to do this:

  • You are already friends with them on Facebook and they have a BeatMe account (they’ll appear along with a small Facebook logo when you send them an invite)
  • You add a friend via the FRIENDS tab. To do so, just enter their BeatMe ID.

You can sent multiple invitations to multiple friends when you want to play with them. The first one to accept your invitation will automatically join your lobby.



I had funds in my account in 2017

You were one of the first BeatMe users and the money you had in your account from 2017 is gone?

No worries, all you have to do is send an email to suppor@lemonway.com explaining the situation along with your RIB (in PDF format). You can find your RIB by connecting to your account on your bank’s website.

IMPORTANT: You must send this email with the same email address that you originally used to create an account with BeatMe.

I am unable to withdraw my earnings

To be able to withdraw your earnings, you must have an AVAILABLE BALANCE of at least 10€ in your wallet. Sometimes you may have PENDING funds, as we have to validate your opponent’s payment before crediting your wallet. In general, this process takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days.

Before you are able to withdraw your earnings, you must add an IBAN.

In France, your IBAN should look like this:
B = Bank Code, G = Sort Code, C = Account Number, K = Key

In Belgium, your IBAN should look like this:
B = Bank Identifier, C = Account Number, K = Check Digits


How much can i reward my opponent?

From 1.50€ to 5€. These amounts have been predetermined by BeatMe after many months of testing and were found to correspond best with users needs.

Authorized Debit Cards

The following debit cards are accepted by our payment provider, Stripe:

  • VISA

If you have a problem using your card with BeatMe, contact us: 

Our reward system (Stripe)

We use Stripe to process all rewards made via Credit or Debit cards.
Stripe offers the best tools to manage online operations. They manage the flow of billions of Euros each year for innovative businesses like ours around the world.
In short, there’s nothing more robust and secure than this.

You can find Stripe’s Terms of Service here: https://stripe.com/fr/privacy




My username isn’t allowed

Our system can reject the use of a username if it:

  • has already been taken by another BeatMe user.
  • contains the following special characters: ” ‘ , . – _
  • contains names or expressions licensed to third parties or resembles or copies the brand of any    product or service.
  • has any offensive, racist, homophobic, deffamatory, pejorative, obscene or hateful connotation.
  • is related to the product names or services of BeatMe or Stripe.
  • refers to a person or entity.
Terms of Service
I’m not 18, can I still use BeatMe?

No, you must be 18 years of age or older to use BeatMe.
To verify your age, we look at the birth date associated with your Facebook when you create an account with BeatMe.

If you aren’t 18 yet, be patient:

  • only a couple more days, weeks, or years before you can use BeatMe.
  • we’ll have surely created our own crypto currency by 2020.

The reason that minors are unable to use BeatMe is that while we are not a gambling service (there is no betting in BeatMe), we prefer to take every precaution taken by and imposed on online betting services (notably for reasons of pubic health) to ensure compliance with the law.

Once we are certain that minors can legally use BeatMe, we will allow them access.

Creating an account

To create an account with BeatMe, you must sign in via Facebook Connect. You must be at least 18 years of age to create an account.
To create an account make sure that you are signed in to your Facebook account before completing the sign up process.
You may create an account on our Android or iOS applications or even on our website: beatme.io
You must agree to the Terms of Service (ToS) before we can create your account. Please read them carefully.
You can choose to receive promotional offers from our partners (you’re not required to do so).
Once you have created your account, you will automatically be signed into BeatMe each time you launch the application.


Your account does not respect our ToS

“Your account does not respect BeatMe’s Terms of Service and has been closed. Your earnings will be transfered to your bank account. Feel free to Contact BeatMe on Facebook.”

The Terms of Service (or ToS) can be viewed at this link.

Contact us to withdraw your earnings : 

Your account has been closed

Has your account been closed?
If we decided to close your account it is because you did not enter your real name when creating your account.
When you sign in with Facebook Connect, we record the First and Last name that you have listed on your Facebook account, but you can change them before creating your account.

You are required to give us your full legal name in order to withdraw your earnings.
But have no fear, we will never share this information, it is strictly confidential.

There only way to resolve this problem. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall BeatMe and wipe all the application data from your device
  2. Sign in to another Facebook account (the account must be different from the one you originally used)
  3. Reinstall BeatMe and create a new account by signing up with a different email address (the address must be different from the one you originally used)
  4. Verify that the name associated with your account is in fact your legal name (so that you can withdraw your earnings later).



You can edit your gamertags whenever you wish (Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Battle Tag, Origin, etc.)

To do this, go to the settings tab and click on the Edit button next to the gamertag that you want to edit.

Note: Your gamertag is shared with your opponent when you are matched together in the same lobby. This is to allow you both to create a custom game lobby and play your game.

Enable – Disable notifications


BeatMe sends the following notifications to our users when:

  • a friend invites you to play.
  • a player of a similar fairplay level has entered matchmaking (this will only appear after you have backed out of matchmaking).

If you would like to keep receiving these notifications, you don’t have to do a thing. However in the unfortunate case that you would like to disable these notifications, all you have to do is to unselect the field.

How do I change my BeatMe ID?

You are unable to modify your BeatMe ID once you’ve chosen it.

Your BeatMe ID is unique to you and helps set you apart from other users. It’s also what people use to add you to their friends list.